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Sketch Club: Urban Environments

Following the success of our last Sketch Club session in October, the challenge this week was loosely based on the theme of urban environments specifically around our studio's home in Shoreditch.

Eager sketchers were tasked with going out into our local area and to draw the urban landscape from specific points of interest.

These points were collectively suggested and pinpointed in a map drawn up in our studio to help guide our sketchers. Each person had 25 minutes in which to draw as many sketches as they felt able to, in any medium they choose (from charcoal, to pencil, and pen and ink).

When the 25 minutes were up the team came back to the studio and pinned their favourite ones up on the map, to see all of the different styles and approaches and what could be learned from each.

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As a little preparation, the team used these Instagram accounts (@urbansketcherslondon and @shoreditchsketcher ) for some inspiration… and prayed for good weather!

We hope to organise another Sketch Club very soon!