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Sketch Club: Drawing Green Spaces from Memory

In the second part of our Sketch Club series, and part of our 'Wellbeing Week' activities, Leigh Maizels and Ken Suriyachat led a studio-wide drawing exercise, asking the team to draw their favourite local green spaces from memory alone.

The end result was huge variety of sketches of different places all over London and beyond, each in a unique style. Each person participating was asked to talk a little about why their green space was special to them and what they had hoped to capture in their image. The exercise was designed to test memory but also to focus on capturing life and activity beyond buildings and the ability to convey an emotional connection with a space on paper.

Drawing remains an important part of our craft as architects, and we endeavour to make these sessions a regular and ongoing activity in the studio community. One part of this could be we keep adding to the map of London with our favourite places, spaces and buildings as we go along.