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Welcome to our garden…or so we proclaimed on our invitation!

In a year of uncharacteristically ‘un-British’ weather with glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures the summer Equinox was finally upon us on the night of our annual AFK party. Although the Equinox marks the decent into cooler days - and less favourable weather for a garden get together - we did not allow that to stop us, instead, we recreated the spirit of our garden inside our studio!

The studio was decorated with a bespoke living installation - complete with ivy wall, trailing vines and tree ferns - adding to the plants already resident in our studio and our courtyard garden, and emphasising the studio's belief in the importance of our connection to nature, and sustainability being at the front and centre of projects.

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Thank you to all that came and joined us on this very special evening - and a special thanks to our esteemed guest, Lord Edward Lister - until next time!