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To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2022, AFK have launched a new initiative focused on wellbeing and community – ‘Wellbeing Week’ – focusing on all aspects of mental health and mindfulness at work.

The programme was kicked off with a positive psychology workshop led by Del Hossain, business mentor, and founder of Adrem, aiming to equip our studio with the tools to help combat anxiety, improve confidence and self-esteem, which may lead to increased focus and fresh perspectives. It was a great way to start the week as we look forward to the lively programme of activities we have planned, including afternoon tea, a drawing workshop and a photography competition.

'Wellbeing Week' is the first step in an ongoing programme, featuring diverse events from socials, study trips, workshops and other activities which will all help build community and the supportive culture of our studio.

More information on World mental Health Day can be found here

AFK Wellbeing Week -Positive psychology workshop led by Del Hossain
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AFK Wellbeing Week -Positive psychology workshop led by Del Hossain
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