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UCL Lectures: 'Pursuing International Markets', and 'The Art of Storytelling in the Business of Design’

Director, Natalia Uribe, and Principal Sho Itoh were invited to share their experiences of storytelling and working internationally to UCL students recently, which was intended as an opportunity to inspire students by learning from experience in practice.

Natalia Uribe took the helm for the 'Pursuing International Markets' lecture, which touched upon the need for empathy, sensitivity to different cultures, confidence in communicating a vision and many other interesting pieces of wisdom about working abroad and winning work.

Sho Itoh took on the 'The Art of Storytelling in the Business of Design’, discussing the multitude of different means, methods, and media, that can be used to tell a compelling story to clients and stakeholders - which is so intrinsic to the role of architects.

The lectures were a great opportunity to share some of our thoughts to inspire the next generation of architects and designers, delivered in the campus at Here/East.

Natalia Uribe at UCL
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Natalia Uribe at UCL
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