Earle Arney reacts to "an extraordinary General Election with extraordinary promises"

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16 December 2019

Earle Arney reacts to “an extraordinary General Election with extraordinary promises”


Earle Arney, our CEO and Founding Director of Arney Fender Katsalidis was invited alongside many of our respected architecture peers by the Architects' Journal, to share his reaction to the result of the 2019 General Election, where Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won a landslide victory – provoking a range of responses across the board from the profession.

Earle's comment is as follows:

Earle Arney, managing director at Arney Fender Katsalidis
"Although I am an avid remainer, I believe democracy has to be respected.  Accordingly, for the culture and the social fabric of this country, I am heartened that we have elected a Government that will deliver the mandate of the 2016 referendum.

This has been an extraordinary election with extraordinary promises.  All parties put forward a mixed bag of manifesto promises, with some sensible, some outlandish and some Draconian – depending on your political viewpoint. The Conservatives were no exception but after nine years in government there has been little headway in terms of tackling crippling issues such as housing affordability and supply.  We now need a convincing plan of action of how to tackle the housing crisis, stimulate the property market and address matters such as Corporation Tax and Stamp Duty to ensure our nation’s competitiveness.

There are however, some positive measures in the manifesto such as those to help first time buyers, shaking-up mortgages and allowing councils freedom to discount homes through developer contributions as well as setting out a commitment to protect the green belt (an issue I’m extremely passionate about). Some may also take encouragement that the recent manifesto must be one of the first times the Conservatives propose even cursory measures to act on climate change – at least it’s a beginning.."

Read the story in full here.