Arney Fender Katsalidis (AFK) grows leadership team in its London and Toronto Studios.

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    Arney Fender Katsalidis (AFK) grows leadership team in its London and Toronto Studios.
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02 March 2020

Arney Fender Katsalidis (AFK) grows leadership team in its London and Toronto Studios.


Arney Fender Katsalidis (AFK) are delighted to announce a number of promotions to Associate and Associate Director roles that will strengthen the leadership team in the London and Toronto Studios. The appointments recognise the experience and commitment of the team and their role in the future of the award-winning international architecture and interior design studio.

2020 promises to be an exciting year for the growing practice, which has completed 100 Bishopsgate working in collaboration with Allies and Morrison, and has a number of other schemes in the pipeline, including an 844-home major residential development in Mill Hill, approved by the Mayor of London in 2019.

Earle Arney, CEO/Founding Director, Arney Fender Katsalidis said:
“It gives me immense pleasure to announce the appointment of our new Associate and Associate Directors, to further strengthen our leadership team.  Each person is highly valued and has shown a great commitment to the firm, alongside other exceptional qualities which have made profound positive impacts on the practice. These strategic appointments will enliven and bolster our senior team, while also helping to further define our focus on continuing to provide exceptional service and design excellence to our clients”.

The appointments are as follows:

Peter James Vrahimis – promoted to Associate Director
Peter’s appointment as Associate Director is in recognition of his enduring focus on the operational side of the business, alongside his outstanding leadership and management skills, which he has continued to develop and refine. Peter is a key asset to the firm and continues to be instrumental on a number of prestigious architectural projects in the Studio. Peter is a true team player and as such, commands immense trust and respect from clients, consultants and the whole studio team.

Praveen Vijayasimhan – promoted to Associate Director
Praveen is a long-standing member of staff who has shown true commitment, unswerving dedication, patience and skill, over his time with the practice. Praveen’s promotion to Associate Director is in recognition of his incredible contributions to the firm and the projects he works on, including 80 Charlotte Street and 22 Hanover Square. He is also a key mentor to the team and has guided the professional growth of others using his wealth of experience in the residential and commercial sectors.

Artur Naumov – promoted to Associate Director
Arthur’s promotion to Associate Director recognises his continued commitment to the firm and his ongoing professional development. Artur’s excellent leadership qualities are much valued by the firm, as he continues to lead the team on numerous large-scale interior design projects including White City, Adina, Edinburgh St James, Chelsea Island Apartments, Lifecare Residences, Clarendon Gas Works and The Dumont.

Concha Martin – promoted to Associate
Concha Martin has been promoted to the Associate team in recognition of her professional skill and focused dedication to the firm. Concha’s extraordinary attention to detail and contribution to the projects she has worked on have been immeasurable, working on large-scale residential projects including Mayfair Park Residencies.

Margherita Filpi – promoted to Associate
Margherita Filpi is another long-standing member of the team whose promotion to the role of Associate recognises her commitment to the firm and her immense contribution and dedication to the complex, and large-scale projects she has worked on, which include 80 Charlotte Street, and most recently Mayfair Park Residencies, London.

Prudence Lai – promoted to Associate
Prudence Lai joins the Associate team in recognition of her immense contribution to the team, and to the projects she has worked on, including the firm’s commercial office building at the international Quarter London, 22 Hanover Square and other projects at various stages.

Jaspal Sev – promoted to Associate
Jaspal Sev is a new addition to the Associate team in recognition of his contribution to the Toronto studio, and to his ongoing work to ensure the growth of the business in North America. Jaspal has worked across so many of the practice’s projects, as well as key workplace projects in Canada.

Kat Hayes – promoted to Associate
Kat Hayes joins the Associate team in recognition of her immense contribution to the marketing efforts of the practice and her integral role in the various stages of the projects in the studio. Kat’s promotion is also part of Arney Fender Katsalidis’ commitment to recognising the key role non architectural staff play in the success of the firm.