Palmer Street Construction Begins

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    Palmer Street Construction Begins
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15 October 2015

Palmer Street Construction Begins

By Fender Katsalidis

Images: 4D Studio

Construction on Palmer Street, the third and final stage of Jaques Richmond has begun.

Palmer Street is a wedge-shaped building of seven levels. It will have a light presence on the street, whilst reflecting the solidarity of previous Jaques stages.

The exterior of Palmer St is an impressive contrast of contemporary and historic design. Situated among established London plane trees in the heart of Richmond, the lightweight crystallised glass façade will bring greenery into the apartments “We wanted to create a beautiful piece of architecture without alienating the neighbourhood. We’ve worked hard to make Palmer St something the community loves,” says Karl Fender.

Reflecting the industrial past of the site, the façade maintains the character and texture of brick, steel and timber expressed by original factory and surrounding context.

Beyond the luxuries of each home, Palmer St also provides exceptional amenities for its residents. The Jaques development features a secret rooftop garden with an incredible view of Melbourne’s skyline, as well as access to a state-of-the-art gym.